Raising Kids Who Write

Raising Kids Who Write

Erin’s notes from “Raising a Boy Who Loves to Write”

One big challenge as parents we have is creating “an environment that fosters literacy and a love of learning.” Technology is all around us (ex. TV, computer games, video games, apps on tablets and smart phones). You may find yourself writing less like me.  There is an app for everything (ex. to do lists, grocery lists, calendar, notes, reminders, etc.).

“Centuries upon centuries of cultures have survived and even thrived with minimal literacy, if any at all…Language is a skill rendered effective through the immersion process, writing is not.  Writing is a learned skill and how we approach our children as we teach this skill will vary greatly depending on their gender and/or personal temperament.”

Our kids won’t want to write if writing hurts. Buy what works and don’t stop buying and trying until you find what works for your child.

  • pencil grips to place on pencils like The Claw Grip

  • short pencils (like golf pencils)

  • long, chubby triangle grip pencils by Ticonderoga

Pencil grip tips can be found here: http://www.hwtears.com/files/HoldOnYouHavetoTeachGrip.pdf

There are also videos on YouTube about how to hold a pencil. There are several but here are 3:




Writing aids or programs (The items listed below can be found new and used on Amazon, Ebay, and the company’s website.)

Tips from Handwriting Without Tears:

  • Teach short, daily handwriting lessons

  • There are 3 Stages of Learning (Imitation, Copying, & Independent Writing)

  • Use small pieces of crayon and chalk to help teach proper grip for beginners.

  • Always start at the top (by the smiley face)

  • Have a place where kids can do graffiti like a board (My kids do their graffiti in their personal notebooks.)

  • As they become independent writers you can do the following at home: a letter writing station, family newspaper, movie posters, screenplays, start a blog, create comic strips, etc. (There are several free templates that can be found online. Printable Paper has tons of free templates.)

Things I use at home with my boys:

  • personal notebooks (1 subject notebooks for their graffiti. I’m thinking about getting them sketchbooks so their drawings can be in a central location 🙂

  • connect the dot workbooks

  • mazes My First Book of Tracing by Kumon (Kumon makes lots of great workbooks!)

  • clipboards

  • variety of writing tools in an easily accessible spot (crayons, markers, colored pencils, paper, dry erase boards & markers, etc.)

  • Roll a Dough Letters set from Handwriting Without Tears

  • writing letters in shaving cream on shower walls

  • writing letters in pudding (Jumesha)

  • sky writing (writing letters in the air with pointer finger)

  • rainbow writing (write a letter or word and then trace over it with several different colors of crayons)

  • I will be teaching lessons from the Handwriting Without Tears Kindergarten teacher guide


“The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing.”

Ken MacLeod



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