The Kansas City, MO Chapter of Mocha Moms, Inc was conceived in the mind of Mocha Charito Redwood and with her dedication and determination the chapter became a reality in Spring of 2012. The intent of the chapter is to create a support group for mothers in the Kansas City, MO area who have made the choice to put the needs of their family first.

The Kansas City, MO chapter of Mocha Moms, Inc provides various opportunities for mothers to bond and network. The chapter holds numerous activities in support of moms, children, and families such as: Moms Night In, Moms Night Out, Support Group Meetings, Play Dates, Celebrating Black Families Seminars, and the list goes on.

We believe in having fun while staying focused on the mission of our national organization and our individual families’ missions. If you are looking for an awesome group of women to go through the journey of motherhood with, then look no further. The Kansas City, MO chapter consist of a wide variety of mothers from veterans, to new moms, and even some who have yet to become moms, but look forward to it. For more information please contact us at


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